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Croisilles Wind Orchestra


Croisilles is a little town in Northern France located near the city of Arras.


This Orchestra has been found in 1994 by Jean-Pierre Lorieux, David Bulcourt and Sébastien Pronnier.


In 2014, our orchestra is 20 years old and organize many exceptionnal events for it:

Particulary, we will travel to Poland and Czech Republic in next summer (participation to the Beskidy Cultural Week Festival in Wisla (Poland), concert in Austerlitz...). In october, we will play in an exceptionnal concert with Romain Leleu, on of the best trumpet player in the World, winner of the French Classical Music awards.


Our orchestra is known for its quality, its happiness and funny events (cabarets, parades...). It has been awarded many times in National competitions for wind bands.


Do not hesitate to contact us by mail to know and discover more about us. We would be happy to tell you more about us !!


Visit our site and enjoy !

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